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The sexiest greek/ black girl ever created. Considered Bleek by her friends. Goes out a lot, and getss the mennnn. Always questions everything you do. Your always wrong. End of story. Dont question her authority, she will somehow prove you wrong, or turn you against yourself.
Tatianna told me.
by ooooohyeaaah April 04, 2011
The most good looking girl on the planet. has big boobs but small ass
wow look at Tatianna in that tight shirt shes looking fine.
by Jim_Jax March 12, 2009
A perfect human being who is amazing and doesn't even know it. She is so pretty and talented in everything. She makes an amazing best friend. You would be incredibly lucky to know her.
Daing, Imma need to steal Tatianna!
by jaydakiss February 23, 2014