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1. A mythical place where unicorns, fishermen, and the like frolic.

2. "Tata" meaning "Touch", "Ma" meaning "My", and "Gouche" meaning..whatever you want it to mean.

3. Where boredom was created, and alcohol is a religion.

1. Unicorn #1: "Shit! Lets' go capture some of dem der uni-corrnnss!"

Unicorn #2: "...We are unicorns, bitch. What do you think our horns are for, killing?!"

Unicorn #1: "Look! One of those crazy motherfucking Toronto Squirrels!"

Unicorn #2: "5 DAMAGE! 5 DAMAGE!"

Emotionally and Psychologically damaged Toronto Squirrel: "Fucking Tatamagouche Unicorns."
by Frustrated Lemonade Vendor October 16, 2008
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