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Symonym for cool, sweet, or awesome.

Origionally derived from "that was some tasty pussy", now used to describe everything.
That was a tasty nap.
by TLS June 05, 2005
a person who thinks they are too good for anything. you know when something is good you will normally say it is "tasty". so if someone is acting "tasty" they are trying to act too good for you.
that mothafucka actin real tasty today, but watch how i flip the script and shit on him/her.
by POOHDAH January 20, 2005
A cocktail or mixed drink. One that is especially delicious and intoxicating.
Hey! Make me another tasty!
by ActionJackson563 April 04, 2009
slang word for ecstasy pills
Are ya gettin' a few tasties?

Jesus i've had an awful amount of tasties!
by fergberg March 02, 2009
Adj. {1} Pleasurable taste
{2} used when speechless because of Johnny Depp's gorgeousness

See also yum
{1} That glazed doughnut was tasty.
{2} *Sees picture of Johnny Depp* : That man is just too tasty for words
by strawberrybumfluff February 18, 2005
a response when something incredibly fortunate has happened

defining something beyond good

something that tastes good

used sarcastically means bad
for the first time you walk onto a beach at cancun you see the hoards and say "tasty"

You have a sub who lets you do nothing all class, you say later "that was a tasty sub"

mmm tasty cookies

somoeone shows you their infeced finger which is oozing puss, you say "tasty"
by #54 Trotter May 03, 2005
The third studio album of singer Kelis.
Tasty is a hot CD. Buy it.
by jetwhite July 29, 2006
this word is what parents tell you to try and make you eat that nasty stuff called sourcrout...
mmm, tastes like chalk.
by Maryanne E. M. July 09, 2004