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When a man and women are having sex and the man puts jaw breakers and other round fruit flavored candy in her pussy and eats her out .
Women: Baby can you eat me out

Man: yes would you like me to taste the rainbow
by GustavoJDM December 30, 2010
A sexual position in which Skittles are placed in your partners vagina/anus and then you eat them while performing oral sex.
Jose: Hey buddy, how was your date last night?

Jack: It was fucking awesome! Your sister is a total slut and let me taste the rainbow in your driveway.
by Cancer and AIDs October 21, 2009
Eating a chick out when she'z on her rag.
Them Skittles commercials just ain't right anymore.
Thomas L. couldn't stand not tasting annie, so he pinched his nose tasted her rainbow, alll night long. He didn't count on the yeast but oh well.
by Bob and Tom March 18, 2005
The act in which a person attempts to have a sexual encounter with someone from each nationality/ethnicity.
My ex-girlfriend is Puerto Rican and my current girlfriend is Chinese, I'm just tryin' to taste the rainbow.
by joe libido August 11, 2007
to engage in any homosexual activity involving the mouth

Etymology: "Taste the Rainbow" is a Skittles candy advertising slogan, and a rainbow flag has been coöpted as the homosexual banner.
No longer able to control their urges, Ace and Gary pressed their lips together and tasted the rainbow.
by The Storm Surfer October 15, 2004
While many young women of our time have become attracted to men that happen to be gay, for pleasure, the men won't tell them that.
Therefore, when tasting the rainbow, a woman would be giving oral sex to a non-straight man.
Carl: Betsy got some action with Pablo last night.
Dick: But Isn't Pablo Gay?
Carl: Yep, guess she tasted his rainbow.
by Jackie & Emilie August 03, 2004
A girl paints a guys penis the different colors of the rainbow.
A group of girls and a group of guys get together. The girls paint the guys penis's the different colors of the rainbow and then the girl that can swallow the most colors or "taste the rainbow" wins.
by Jerrica20041 October 12, 2007
a line of women get on their knees, and each put a different colored skittle on their tounges. Then a man 'whips out his shit' and mastribates on their extended tounges. When seaman is librally spread over the faces of the women it will turn colors due to the skittles. The mentioned women then close their mouths and enjoy! :)
Yo! Dave let Jenny, Heather, and Stephanie 'taste the rainbow'!
by Kaine1250377 September 13, 2006