A big boy with a small chubby dick; Also known as a chode.
Hey look at that 3 inch dick, it must be a tassel.
#dick #cock #hairy #penis #chubby cock
by Tassel_Lover69696969 May 21, 2009
Top Definition
Basically a whore.

The word comes from the tassels they so prominently display on their breasts as they flail them in your face to "make ends meet" but we all know what's up.
Joe: ... and well I guess the bouncer found her in the bathroom doin' a 9 off a 10.
Dan: What a tassel ass bitch... What the Hell is a 9 off a 10?
#whore #trick #slut #snatchface #stripper
by Rocko. March 22, 2008
A badass chick.
I don't understand how people can handle that tassel, she's got it going for her.
#badass #hazzah #deck #chick #girl
by Hazzahh April 26, 2011
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