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Actually dont have two heads, and we are rarely harassed by tornado riding Tazzie devils such as you may see in 'Loony Tunes', quite nice people actually.
Well...Bruce:"hey are you a victorian?" Bill:"no, actually from Launceston, im a Tasmanian" Bruce:"oh ok, just askin......don't Tasmanians have two hea..POW!!..Bill:"stupid Queenslander..hurry up and use day light savings like the rest of us, maybe next time i punch you you wont be an hour late in dodging my fist
by Banjo-Sam June 13, 2006
1. someone from Tasmania
2. living proof New Zealanders can swim.
by id card September 18, 2003
1. People from the southern-most state of Australia, a large island separate from the mainland.
2. Invalid, senile otherwise handicapped people.
3. Incestuous group of rednecks.
1: Are you dumb or are you just Tasmanian - or both?!?!

2: A: How does a Tasmanian boy tell that his sister's got her period?
B: How?
A: When his brother's dick tastes funny.

NOTE: In the Tasmanian notion of the word 'Incest' means a game where the entire family can have fun:-). LOL
by Doink Doink June 04, 2006
Tasmanian is an acronym for T.A.S.manian. T.A.S. stands for Tupac Amaru Shakur. Therefore, a Tasmanian is a person who is obsessed with 2Pac.
Tasmanians love 2Pac.
by jensyao August 18, 2006

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