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TASIAC or Tasiac or even tasiac is an acronym:






This is exemplified by the (UK) Brown Administration (1997-2010), which, despite having a plausible blair, or Spieler in fairground terminology, to grease the ways, tested to destruction the 'Tax and Spend' notion of socialist economics.
The main architect - given that the blair couldn't calculate the change when buying a newspaper, was the monocular caledonian onanist, Brown.
"Blair allegedly held the levers of power - but was too supine to prevent Gordon Brown exemplifying the Tasiac Law," said Ottaway, a well-regarded gardener.

Without using the term Tasiac, the 'Daily Telegraph' inveighs frequently against the horrendously incontinent spending of the Nu-Labour administration, in a daily bulletin on the iniquities of the Man who ditched Prudence - and bankrupted an Empire's heirs for generations.
by Railtracksurvivor August 21, 2009
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