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is a sex position involving two pull-up bars, or a sex swing. Tarzan Catches Jane, also referred to as the TCJ, was named for the following analogy: Tarzan and Jane are swinging through the forest, when Tarzan catches Jane going to have his way with her, but he gets the wrong hole.

The TCJ is not recommended for anal sex amateurs, as it can lead to rectal trauma.

It is a variation of the Italian Chandelier which is another sex position.
Girl 1: Hey hun, why are you walking so funny today? Did you hurt your ankle or something?

Girl 2: No, Nick and I were trying out our new swing last night and decided to try the Italian Chandelier but he missed and we ended up doing Tarzan Catches Jane.

Girl 1: OMG. That's got to hurt!
by Jade22SV January 20, 2011

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