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To have buttocks where your head should be.

See south park
After Kenny's picture of his butt was placed on a milk carton, a couple with TPS came to claim him.
by Jezzy June 29, 2004
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A serious condition which has roughly a dozen sufferers world-wide. Sufferers of TPS (Tarsonic Polarity Syndrome) appear to have a buttocks (arse, bum, ass, etc) for a face. The condition only affects the exterior of the body so beneath the skin are eyes, mouth and nasel passages.
Also, if you are a sufferer of TPS, please avoid eating chilli due to side effects.
Ben Affleck is an obvious sufferer of Tarsonic Polarity Syndrome.
#tps #tarsonic polarity syndrome #ben affleck #arse #ass #bum #buttocks
by Radicalairhead February 20, 2009
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