When one sets up a tarp in the middle of wooded property that belongs to a random individual.
"Grab the booze man, we're going tarping in the woods behind old man johnson's farm."
by Michael Zadorian June 15, 2007
Top Definition
The act of being ejaculated on, while wearing a rain poncho, or equivalent (e.g. garbage bag) by a group of masturbating men.
"I'm planning on checking out the Sunday night hentai show at the porno theatre, so I'm bringing a poncho. Let the tarping begin!"


"Sounds like it's raining."
"No, that's just those pervs tarping that old lady."
by SkeezyMike August 14, 2013
A group of flamboyant men grinding and dancing in a giant tarp. Have the tendency to disrupt heady jam sessions.
Bro I can't see the stage, too much tarping going on.
by JosephXSanders July 25, 2014
verb, To tarp. The act of receiving oral sex from a female undernieth the covers, then as you ejaculate in her mouth you release a fart at the same time then traping the covers over her head as to administer a dutch oven.
Your sister was blowing the me the other night and I ended up tarping her her.
by Swat Medic 04 June 22, 2010
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