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Tarolster, An amazing woman who wears super cool heels all the time.

That has two amazingly funny students, well, they're not her students anymore, they passed her class! Oh yes they did surprisingly. Their names are Sarah & Vicky. They're spazzy kids, but awesome! I could go on & on about this!Anyway, back to the point.

What heels to wear; as told by Vicky.

A Taroli Heel is high heel shoe with at least a three inch heel that is worn by only the coolest people around. It must have a super cool nice design on it.

Uhuh dats right homes!

THAT is the famous TAROLI HEEL.

Sarah: Hey Tarolster! I LOVE YOUR HEELS TODAY!
Vicky: Oh, I see you're sporting the 3 inch sexified magenta pink heel with the zipper on the, well, heel! THOSE ARE YOUR FAMOUS TAROLI HEELS!
Tarolster: You guys are CRAZY! :D
by Taoob October 15, 2005
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