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A small, spithole town inbetween the slightly bigger spithole town of Maryville and Nebraska. Many hicksters (hicks who think they're hipsters) who are wannabe Maryvillians. Meaning, they are assholes who treat anyone who doesn't fit in their little Maryvillite Fan Club world like the cow pie in their daddy's field; you also cannot tell the girls from the boys; the girls dress/act like dudes and the dudes act like wussy little gossip queens. Well, unless the girls decide to contradict themselves the next day by putting on clothes so tight and makeup so orange they resemble the Jersey Shore cast. All in all, it's a wonderful little paradise to raise your children and grow your soybeans.
"Whoa, look at her, she's like, not wearing sweatpants and walking as if she has a pole stuck up her vag, she is just so not Tarkio, Missouri material."

"What a freak. Let's diss her by making fun of her lack of balls."

"Okay! And then we can go makeout with our cousins in the bathroom!"
-Tarkio Missouri (specifically THS; Tarkio High School)
by guacamolegirl August 28, 2012
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