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a wild sexman who fucks like an animal.
Hi me tariq.rubber.tag your it.bambambam.

if you know wut i mean.
by oh shiznipap. August 25, 2008
227 112
An Arabic name for males. Tariq means the bright star and it's indicated in Muslims' holy book "Qura'n"
hi buddy, did you see the sky yesterday? it was there a nice tariq
by someone475 July 02, 2009
240 64
The most hard-core rapper alive. To be loved by all ladies.
The stage was taken by Tariq. All the ladies love Tariq.
by Robyn Nelson September 23, 2006
285 129
A super cool, intelligent, friendly dude. Who always likes to play jokes and games. Can be serious at times, but you are lucky to have him as your number 1 friend. Very athletic and plays basket ball alot... Oh. and the best looking guy I ever seen!
boy 1: Who's that dude on the bus?

boy 2: I don't know, but I heard he loves basketball
boy 1: Oh maybe he is like a Tariq! I gotta make him my #1 friend!!
by zman111 February 03, 2010
226 72
Tariq is an Arabic name that has many expressions. Literally, means the person who knock the door. However, parents don't call their child because of this meaning! The reason that let parents call Tariq that it have a different meaning which is "piercing star"
"Have you heard about Tariq?"
"Yes, it's a star which circles around the Earth and causes strange sounds that like the throbs of heart"
"Yeah, I know"
"No you aren't! because I'm asking about a coworker who has just started working in the office!"
by tariq475 July 04, 2009
113 34
Tariq is an intelligent , really funny, caring , attractive and honest man who is really down to end and loves to comforting other's, trying new things and doesn't like to see a person upset. he love's cheering people up and cracking jokes You will always see him smiling and laughing can be serious at time but not really he would always seem like he doesn't have a care in the world and look chilled but he over thinks way to much but never shows it. he's pure in heart soul and mind but doesn't care about what anyone thinks about. Tariq looks to find true love hoping he'll an amazing women to spend the rest of his life with but knows it will be a long wait till he find's her but also knows it will be worth every second. Tariq also loves sports and loves playing it and is pretty good and most sports . he is also very self motivated and optimistic and is going to change the world one day . Tariq can also be an Arabic meaning for ''shooting star''
PERSON 1: I wish i had someone to make me laugh when im done

PERSON 2: look's like you could use someone like Tariq
by just close your eyes June 23, 2013
32 7
A type of Juicy Tuna Fish.
Pass me that Tariq sandwich over there please?

Go suck the juice out of Tariq over there.
by Mohammed Yasin April 20, 2006
65 114