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To effectively kill a bill by envoking or threatening to envoke a filibuster
The healthcare bill would have passed and there in provided millions of uninsured Americans w/ healthcare coverage if it weren't for the Republican lead Tarintino.

A Tarintono kills bills.

After suffering a humilating bludgeoning in the national election, Republcians conspired to incessantly use the Tarintino in an attempt to prevent any democratic legislative successes in congress.

Since the election of George W "Katrina doesn't look so bad from all the way up here" Bush in 2000, Republicans have used the Tarintono more than any other party over an 8 year period.

In the 2007-2008 session of congress Republicans utilized the Tarintino a jaw dropping and unprecedented 138 times!!
by WordCrft February 19, 2010