retarded pie; refer to the definition of "lidge" :)
dood! ur such a lidgetastic tard cake!
by tardtastic November 24, 2007
Top Definition
A person beyond the norm of retarded, but not quite Petarded.
I HATE Eric, he's such a tardcake!
by Ken Tankerous May 05, 2011
what you call your friends when they act retarded.
hey tardcake how you doin
by sarah!! February 09, 2007
A Certain Individual who is a Retard, Fails there exams and has to have help by a member of staff from there school.
What a Tard Cake!!
What a Full on Ree
100% Tard
by kshjsjsk April 12, 2008
The culmination of such profound stupidity that it can only be described as the product of various kinds of stupidity (these being the ingredients of the cake) Combined to make the end product of all these baked into one retard.
Friend 1: Yo Steve is such a tard cake that he thought cold blooded creatures produced their own cold.
Friend 2: wow, what a tard cake.
by Grim Reeker January 26, 2015
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