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Shortened version of RETARD
"Look at that guy taking forever to pull out of the parking space...what a tard
by sunbunny97 August 13, 2008
0 4
a person who dosent know what a tard is
do you know what a tard is? you dont!!! you tard!
by TICK DRICKEL February 23, 2005
3 8
If you're too cool to say "retard"... use this.
The kids'll love you.
"You're such a 'tard
by daisy March 08, 2004
3 8
something you call someone to insult them like duh!!!!
your such a tard.
you are an unbelievable tard!
stop being a tard.

you get my jist...
by laura-loo March 10, 2008
1 7
A complete fucktard who likes to expose his little peanut in a chat room. i.e. usachatnow users.
"can you see my wiener?".....TARD!
by Matt ;) September 23, 2007
5 11
you smell like a tard
by Nickyyyyy023423 April 19, 2009
0 7
Shorted version of Bastard or retard. Used to describe someone who is being an idiot.

Also see Fucktard.
"you are such a tard"
by General Spoon April 16, 2008
0 7