a person doing something annoying or stupid
look at that tard
by ian1179 October 02, 2008
Shortened version of RETARD
"Look at that guy taking forever to pull out of the parking space...what a tard
by sunbunny97 August 13, 2008
a person who dosent know what a tard is
do you know what a tard is? you dont!!! you tard!
by TICK DRICKEL February 23, 2005
If you're too cool to say "retard"... use this.
The kids'll love you.
"You're such a 'tard
by daisy March 08, 2004
something you call someone to insult them like duh!!!!
your such a tard.
you are an unbelievable tard!
stop being a tard.

you get my jist...
by laura-loo March 10, 2008
A complete fucktard who likes to expose his little peanut in a chat room. i.e. usachatnow users.
"can you see my wiener?".....TARD!
by Matt ;) September 23, 2007
you smell like a tard
by Nickyyyyy023423 April 19, 2009

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