someone who is not neccesarily mentally challenged, they just deserve to be.
OMG! Brendan, get your hand out of the paper shredder! You're such a tard!
by gracerrx3 January 07, 2007
Someone who is NOT retarded, but, acts like they are because they are too busy fantasizing about stupid bullshit to pay attention to the reality that surrounds them.
Poindexter is such a 'tard! He got into a car accident because he was too busy thinking about his fan fic sequel to "The Lord Of The Rings".
by Bull Shit Vick December 22, 2006
A hyphenated suffix for people who add their names, or names of friends, to Urban Dictionary with a definitio, of how cool or awesome, or smart they are just so they can satisfy the low self-esteem they have. By doing so they almost certainly proclaim the oppisite is true.
" meta

name for a guy of Thai decent, typically sarcastic, cynical and shallow but for some reason extremely charming. Can be extremely romantic and caring when he wants to be, places a lot of importance on physical appearance of his mate. .... loves to party and people love to party with him."



the hottest and cutest girl in school shes just so awesome and has the best personality, shes realy shy at times but everyone loves her and whoever doesnt love her is just a jelous lozer:) and if ur a guy(damion, aj) then u should deffenitly go out with her"

by Wastes my time flaming August 21, 2011


A. a mentally retarded person.

B. a person who is stupid, obtuse, or ineffective in some way: a hopeless social retard.
C. more commonly known as a Toby Ford
-god damn it toby you fucking tard. i knew you would be the one to try it with a vaccuum.

-you are such a tard, you might as well even be a keilah..
by skwirly88 May 03, 2011
Short for retard, only not meaning mentally retarded. More in the meaning of idiot, dumb, and stupid.
Ty: Why are squares square?
Bob: Gosh, Ty! No need to be a tard!
by hellofatman March 30, 2009
a short form of the word "retard." A more polite way to call someone a retard; can be used in a serious context, or in a joking manner.
She is such a tard.
Shut up you tard!
by Hermoine Wazlib January 21, 2009
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