a person who acts retarded. a stupid person who people think are dumb when they open their mouth. they act dorky. they dont have good social skills.
dont call me a tard call me a retard.
by sonny vital. January 13, 2008
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Shortened version of "retard" (someone who is retarded).
Susie dropped her cafeteria tray? What a 'tard!
by Ace February 05, 2002
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a shortened form of retard
What the hell is wrong with you, you stupid tard!?!?!
by bill October 12, 2003
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A tard is a retarded kid that its okay to pick on.
"oh shit son look at the tard in that fucking automated wheelchair, hahaha what a fucking idiot, jesus i've never laughed so hard just looking at a person, I'm going to sneak up on him and make him eat my shit, literally the shit from my asshole, overall this will be a very grand event."
by the st3 October 07, 2005
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short for retards, especially used online.
"gah... ur so gay u tards"
by exodus April 29, 2004
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Dumb people that obsessively ship in fanfiction that like to shove their 'cannon' or OTP down everybodies throats. The 'tards' don't like other people in a fandom to like or dislike their parings. They want EVERYONE to love it as much as they do and if you don't you are dumb even though they are the ones that act immaturely over the internet and sometimes in real life among stupid teenaged girls.

They enjoy debating, stirring up fights through flaming or anti-FCs. All in all, the 'tards' are very efficient in making people loathe their pairings instead of making them love it.

Like Fandom Nazis, these crazy type of shipper likes to round up the nonbelievers, make the fanfic world into a communist society and succesfully smash all non-romantic fandoms by seeing things that don't exist. Most of their 'proof' lies in filler movies or episodes that never showed up in the original manga or books.

Add 'tard' to the end of any pairing in any fandom and you'll have a good idea.

Ichirukitard, Twitard, Sesskagtard, etc.,
Nazi Tard shrieks: Hitler supports IchiRuki!
by Annoyed anti-shipper November 25, 2011
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Look peepole, its not cool to name person tards. My brother tard, my mother tard, and my father a semitard--i thought he normal 'till we founds him eating grass last weeks like a cow; now we know he the most tarded. but my teacherz tell me i real smart. they say im the smartest kid in the specialist class of them all. yay!
Heretofore, my entire family considred my father relatively (that is relative to the rest of my family) smart; however, his recent dietary choices have led us to the unequivocal truth: he is a tard. In fact, he is a tard of the highest order (a profound tard, defined as a person possessing an IQ under 20). That is, while both my father and our cow Milky enjoy chewing on grass, the latter, suprsingly enough, is the smarter of the two.
by Jeffmaninny October 27, 2006
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