Dumb people that obsessively ship in fanfiction that like to shove their 'cannon' or OTP down everybodies throats. The 'tards' don't like other people in a fandom to like or dislike their parings. They want EVERYONE to love it as much as they do and if you don't you are dumb even though they are the ones that act immaturely over the internet and sometimes in real life among stupid teenaged girls.

They enjoy debating, stirring up fights through flaming or anti-FCs. All in all, the 'tards' are very efficient in making people loathe their pairings instead of making them love it.

Like Fandom Nazis, these crazy type of shipper likes to round up the nonbelievers, make the fanfic world into a communist society and succesfully smash all non-romantic fandoms by seeing things that don't exist. Most of their 'proof' lies in filler movies or episodes that never showed up in the original manga or books.

Add 'tard' to the end of any pairing in any fandom and you'll have a good idea.

Ichirukitard, Twitard, Sesskagtard, etc.,
Nazi Tard shrieks: Hitler supports IchiRuki!
by Annoyed anti-shipper November 25, 2011
Refers to residents of Melbourne, Australia. Especially the fans of Melbourne Victory Football Club. Traces it's origins in this use to an internet football forum. Reaching popular usage through this forum and other specific team forums at the start of the new A-League competition.
Depsite beating their hated rivals, Sydney FC 5-0, the 'tards failed to live up to this result and played out the rest of the season like the 'tards they are.
by Billy Hill March 08, 2006
The most common nickname for Tardar Sauce, the grumpy cat of internet fame. Tard was born with a face that always looks grumpy, and so naturally the internet instantly loved her. She quickly became a meme, and has become quite famous.
Santa: What do you want for Christmas, Tard?
Tard: World War III

If you're happy and you know it, clap--
Tard: No
by shizfunkistan March 03, 2013
Another word for Retarded.
You are such a fucking tard!
by RepoManonDXM January 26, 2009
retard, fool, gimp
dude, look at that 'tard ja rule up on stage
by nick June 19, 2003
A polished turd
That piece of shit sure cleans up well. What a tard.
by kraygal February 09, 2014
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