Any player, coaching staff member, or fan of Melbourne Victory Football Club, based in Melbourne, Australia. They compete in the Australian A-League Football Championship.

The term has its origins in the club's player recruitment policy, which was widely seen as "retarded" by fans of rival cubs, and as the Melbourne team has no official mascot, the term "tard" became widely used by rival fans Australia-wide.

The term stuck when the Melbourne football club's management appeared to be happy with poor on-field results.
Guy 1: We beat Melbourne 3-0
Guy 2: Yeah, and didn't they have Muscat sent off?
Guy 1: Yep...stupid Tard!
by Merrick January 29, 2006
a person who acts retarded. a stupid person who people think are dumb when they open their mouth. they act dorky. they dont have good social skills.
dont call me a tard call me a retard.
by sonny vital. January 13, 2008
One lacking intelligence, or acts like a fool. Has no connection with one who has a disability.
Did you see Tom at recess? The tard fell of the slide when he was playing tag.
by AJ FO SHO November 29, 2007
A word used in Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath; tired.
"Granma's just 'tard." -Ma
by Nayu November 28, 2010
Tard is an acronym for "The Argument Regarding Design" which concerns the Neo-Palean endeavour of finding God in things, only you're not allowed to call him God anymore.
'Telic Thoughts' is a great website for TARD

Bradford and Joy lead the field of TARD
by William Dembski May 20, 2008
A suffix added to the end of a word to make it a specific way of referring to someone, or something someone does, as retarded.
by Moth May 17, 2004
Shortened version of "retard" (someone who is retarded).
Susie dropped her cafeteria tray? What a 'tard!
by Ace February 05, 2002

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