A fucking dumbass, Who has no clue what the fuck he is doing when he walks into a club or something of that sort. Basically a goddam retard.
Hey guess what, I say the worst tard at Wal-Mart today, Wal-Mart is basically a hang out place for Tards anytime of the day.
by Try me August 08, 2005
See retard
Usually used to refer to non-retarded peoples who have done something stupid.

Can make user look like a 'tard themselves.

First quoted from one David Ehlers.
Mike and Adam have F's for skipping class. they are such 'tards.
by Trickshot February 23, 2005
A shortned v. of the word retard used as an insult towards people who are idiotic.

often used with a t-shape hand singal
Ben Barret you f**king "Tard", how could you get that wrong you "tard"
by Spooony February 08, 2005
derives from the term {retard] it's not PC but merely refers to somebody socially undeveloped- sometimes it's needed! you people know who you are!! Oh and it also means to be late tardy but I prefer the first expression.
"erm no sorry I don't do tards"
"do you have to be so tarded??"
by Sasha November 11, 2004
One who thinks lizard eggs may have crawled up one's ears while they are sleeping leading to a minute amount of pain in lower left ear lobe.
Natasha Abbot would be an excellant example a common everyday tard.
by Joe Momma August 30, 2004
A word for people too retarded to spell out retard.
Shut up dumby tard.
by ass March 27, 2003
Someone who does something stupid for the first time. (Somebody who does something stupid a second time is a retard).
Why did you pick the Cubs to win the World Series last year, you tard? Why did you pick the Cubs to win the World Series this year, you retard? -See the difference?
by Ikifov February 23, 2006

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