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Someone who is being stupid for the first time.
If Billy acts like a tard again, he's a retard.
by Jesus March 27, 2003
tard is another word for complete dumb ass and a total retard you can also call it pip or sped
Your such a tard pip
by Anonymous February 12, 2003
Derived from word Retard. Used as a common insult to describe someone as having a mental disability
he's a complete tard
by donn January 19, 2003
A person who is not retarded but who lacks or doesn't use common sense or good judgement.
James is a tard for not studing the night before the test.
by Kidoku April 03, 2006
a shortend version of the word retard
Jose" my comps such a tard" greg" curse it"
by ADD November 09, 2005
Cross between a tit and a retard. A retard cant help it. A tit does it for a laugh. A tard cant help doin it for a laugh.
My m8 Mavis (wont go so far as to give surname, that would be tardish)He terrorizes/mocks his friends for a laugh because he cant help it, and because he cant help it, he cant stop...
The implications are obvious.
by Ethel March 18, 2006
A fucking dumbass, Who has no clue what the fuck he is doing when he walks into a club or something of that sort. Basically a goddam retard.
Hey guess what, I say the worst tard at Wal-Mart today, Wal-Mart is basically a hang out place for Tards anytime of the day.
by Try me August 08, 2005