The shiznizzlist mofo ever to roll out of T'vizzle. Noted for "Mad Dog" magic marker tattoo. Often paired with "Hook." short for "Richard"
No one called him by his real name, they all knew him as "Tard."
by Ricky D June 06, 2003
Someone who is being stupid for the first time.
If Billy acts like a tard again, he's a retard.
by Jesus March 27, 2003
tard is another word for complete dumb ass and a total retard you can also call it pip or sped
Your such a tard pip
by Anonymous February 12, 2003
Derived from word Retard. Used as a common insult to describe someone as having a mental disability
he's a complete tard
by donn January 19, 2003
A person who is not retarded but who lacks or doesn't use common sense or good judgement.
James is a tard for not studing the night before the test.
by Kidoku April 03, 2006
a shortend version of the word retard
Jose" my comps such a tard" greg" curse it"
by ADD November 09, 2005
Cross between a tit and a retard. A retard cant help it. A tit does it for a laugh. A tard cant help doin it for a laugh.
My m8 Mavis (wont go so far as to give surname, that would be tardish)He terrorizes/mocks his friends for a laugh because he cant help it, and because he cant help it, he cant stop...
The implications are obvious.
by Ethel March 18, 2006

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