A shortened version of "retard", as in a mentally handicapped person. May be used in conjuction with other words, such as "Fucktard", or "Tardface", or my own personal favorite, "Tard on Coke".
"God Damnit Billy, quit being such a fucktard!"
by Magic Matt. July 17, 2003
the lazy way to say retard ^_^
meh. you tard. stop wasting my life.
by Hanny February 27, 2005
A shortened form of one of two words: retard or bastard. It's up to the listener to decide which one fits better.
Neo is such a tard, it isn't even funny.
by Crys February 07, 2005
From the word "retard", meaning a scope ( as spastic is no longer acceptable ).
"Hitm4n's behind that crate again camping, the 'tard."
by Elefanten August 25, 2004
A person who is not good enough to be a retard. Socialy lower than a geek and may be slightly mentally deformed.
If you live in essex you are a tard.
by essexgal June 01, 2004
..a person who is acting stupid, or is geekin like no other, or has said sumthing stupid... or is drunk.
tard... *fell down the stairs n hurt his head*
other person:"wonder why we call you tard."
by redman January 01, 2004
A Mentaly Retarded Person, reTARD
Shutup You Tard!
by bodge November 28, 2003

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