A tard is a retarded kid that its okay to pick on.
"oh shit son look at the tard in that fucking automated wheelchair, hahaha what a fucking idiot, jesus i've never laughed so hard just looking at a person, I'm going to sneak up on him and make him eat my shit, literally the shit from my asshole, overall this will be a very grand event."
by the st3 October 07, 2005
A hooker, slut, whore, woman who turns tricks for free or for money, ho, the like, usually used in european areas, ie. england, especially in SoHo (ive been there lol :)
did you see that tard? she just over there on the street corner! u jsut missed her...someone just picker her up
by garrett! July 12, 2006
Similar to the common word "retard," only a "retard" is someone born with a disability who cannot help it. A "tard" is someone that is not innately mentally disabled. On the contrary, a tard is so damnably stupid and such a bellend, that they appear to be retarded to the untrained eye.
That tard thinks he can be me at Halo on PC with his XBOX controller.
by esadbaf October 25, 2004
Offensive slang; often used on various internet forums as a short for someone who behaves like a retard.
'Qualified' was officially voted as one of the biggest tards on Eurogamer.
by EG_Vanquish December 04, 2005
Original retard. All others are copies. Calling someone a tard is like calling him the king of tards, or the number one guy in tardity.
by Marco August 29, 2003
A shortened version of "retard", as in a mentally handicapped person. May be used in conjuction with other words, such as "Fucktard", or "Tardface", or my own personal favorite, "Tard on Coke".
"God Damnit Billy, quit being such a fucktard!"
by Magic Matt. July 17, 2003
the lazy way to say retard ^_^
meh. you tard. stop wasting my life.
by Hanny February 27, 2005

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