tragic animal raping dooshbags
christy bathes in condiments, she's such a tard
by katiri chikawika April 08, 2007
The name used for all the supporters and fans of The Melbourne Victory. A team that competes in the A League National Soccer competition held in Australia. Although this competition has fans Australia wide the ones from Melbourne always seem to be that one step behind. Their stupidity is only exceeded by their lack of vocalisation skills
His opinion doesnt matter he's just a Tard.
by FC Mum September 26, 2006
A affectionate insult or in some cases just an insult
sheree u tard said stu
by stukel September 04, 2006
A group of best friends named Areeg, Magna, Damaris, Miranda and Khadijah. Will be bestfriends forever no matter where life takes us <3 Literal meaning, we're all reTARDS.
Those Tards are inseparable.
by Tard#5 December 09, 2010
short for retards, especially used online.
"gah... ur so gay u tards"
by exodus April 29, 2004
so ridiculously tired that you cannot even pronounce the word correctly ...
"Dude, I am TARD!!!"
by cosmos girl August 03, 2006
slang appalachian word for tired
I worked all week and I'm real tard.
by Luker8urdog September 23, 2006

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