Shorted version of Bastard or retard. Used to describe someone who is being an idiot.

Also see Fucktard.
"you are such a tard"
by General Spoon April 16, 2008
Someone who is a Bamma fan or just a little slow.
That 1foozball1 guy is such a tard, he just keeps on posting human waste.
by Will Sollars December 12, 2006
A way to describe the writer for many Urban Dictionary definitions (see number 9 for this word). Usually child of parental tards.
Man 1:Did you see that guy who wrote definition 9?
Man 2:Yeah, what a tard.
by Movie King October 18, 2006
Someone who is annoying, stupid, smells, acts like an asshole, dresses in clothes from the 80's, drives too fast on my road, and tries to jew me down on my yardsale prices.
I am getting so sick and tired of all of these tards in my life. Where in the hell did I put my Tar-Dar?
by NoLKo October 28, 2006
Someone who is being so stupid there just isn't a word to describe their ignorance!!!! Also...someone who is so stupid...calling them a retard would be giving them a compliment!!!
*Guy is being stupid...trying to impress people walking by*
Girl: Quit being a tard and grow up!
by Brittlee October 19, 2006
tragic animal raping dooshbags
christy bathes in condiments, she's such a tard
by katiri chikawika April 08, 2007
The name used for all the supporters and fans of The Melbourne Victory. A team that competes in the A League National Soccer competition held in Australia. Although this competition has fans Australia wide the ones from Melbourne always seem to be that one step behind. Their stupidity is only exceeded by their lack of vocalisation skills
His opinion doesnt matter he's just a Tard.
by FC Mum September 26, 2006

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