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a female notorious for her incredible talent and complete and utter gorgeousness. Tara is a dinosaur/ninja/mermaid, and is the leader of Team Foran, an intramural zombie hunting team.
1. -Wow, that girl is incredibly talented and gorgeous.
-Not as talented and gorgeous as Tara Foran.
-True dat, mofo.
2. -WHOOAAA. Did you just see that dinosaur/ninja/mermaid?
-Yeah, dude, I'm pretty sure that was Tara Foran!
3. -I've been thinking.. I really want to go into zombie hunting.
-Really? Why don't you join Team Foran? It'll help you develop the skills you need. Plus, they provide chainsaws free of charge.
-That sounds great! How do I sign up?
-Just talk to Tara Foran.
by watching_you_right_now April 02, 2009

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