Tardick- (tär-dĭc) Adj, Noun

1. Incapable of successfully utilizing time in any useful calibre.

2. Extreme procrastination.

3. Wasting valuable time.

4. Usually equated to pissing someone off.
Stop your tardickin', we have a deadline to meet!

That tardick... All he does is sit around, smoke, and collect unemployment. What a waste of life.

Instead of just tardicking around on your day off. Why don't you make yourself useful and clean up this mess!
by Dexmeister June 10, 2010
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Someone who has a penis that is darker than the rest of his bodies skin tone.
Shut up you tar dick son of a bitch!

Dude, I hear from your girlfriend you got a tardick!
by jojotheg0dofrandom February 18, 2011

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