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adj:/ a smackdown, slamming verbally a person, estoppel. In response to offensive inquiry or enforcement of anothers ideas. TAPON!
My mother in law started complaining about that house; then I slammed her BAAAMMM! with the TAPON telling her to keep her ideas to her self for the rest of her life.
by gAZI March 26, 2003
4 13
Spanish word; the art of taking up VALUABLE space and/or time and/or air... this space can be more productive for junk, garbage, litter, etc. or nothing at all.
Look at him, he's Tapon.
by Uzuratz Willengenburg April 23, 2005
15 8
ouuhhh I love him -t95
I love Tapon in every possible way.
by Uzuratz Willengenburg April 21, 2005
17 15
Puerto Rican word for a traffic jam.
Que tapon!= What a traffic jam!
by Rican Rican March 21, 2004
16 14
Always wasting time and taking up space. An average Joe, just stupid, would do anything for money and free beer.
Tapon you are a pendejo!!! Vamos a bultear como solo tu sabes.

Ahi viene TAPON el bulto.
by Logitech April 25, 2005
3 14