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Name of an internet blogger who will probably be famous some day. She has skits that don't seem like skits and she is friends with a bunch of random famous people, like The Arkanes.
Did you see that Tapanga Malanga video on YouTube?
by lindsrae16babayyy March 01, 2010
A YouTube vlogger.

Tapanga is known for boycotting the band, The ArKanes, and for treating her guests poorly. It is unclear if she is really a nasty person of if it is just an act.

She explains in many videos that she wishes to one day be an SNL cast member and that she loves Ke$ha. She is most recently feuding with Mason Granger of The Mayhem Poets.

Tapanga has been featured on FiveFreakinFriends and can now be seen on TheMoodyHipster channel where she is known as the moodiest of the hipsters.
Did you see that new Tapanga Malanga video on YouTube? She bashes the ArKanes AGAIN. She is probably into one of them..
by sexpotrocker69 October 24, 2010
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