1. (verb) Is a reference to the beer tap and refers to the act of intercourse without the extra baggage of a relationship. Someone taps a "piece of ass" for sex until they are all used up and/or dry. The tapper must then venture out and forage for another person to "tap". Thence whatever relationship the previous tap had with said tapper is null and void. The act of tapping hearkens back to a much simpler more animalistic time in our history when women were plentiful and had higher infant mortality rates.

The movie "Animal House" is said to have spawned this etymological phenomenon.
1. I dare say, I would amply enjoy tapping that ass given the appropriate opportunity.
by Prof. Sly January 27, 2010
Thick As Pig Shit.

Used on forms or as code amongst dentists n dental nurses. Means you need to explain everything to said person
This form says Joeys Mum is TAPS. Better use the under 12s language so she'll understand
by roxas90 November 04, 2015
Tight Ass Pussy
Damn!!! Homegirl had that (TAP) tight ass pussy.
by TokyoWard November 05, 2013
Tits, Ass, & Pussy

Abbreviation used when you can't use the words in a public forum, especially online.
Man, I typed "backdoor entry" into Google and got a bunch of TAP. It was hot!
by hooverit March 09, 2012
Fine woman, good looking, good looking enough to own your ass
While kicking it at Walmart in the truck in Chandler, Arizona, Ken says to Johnny while looking at some fine cameltoe, TAP!
Then Johnny foams at the mouth. LOL
by crazykens May 30, 2010
Slightly touching someone's ass with 1 or 2 fingers
Damn look at sharkeisha, I want to tap that ass
by Mdogs April 12, 2014
the term 'taps' is used to reserve the second position of the cypher when smoking marijuana in a group. for groups larger than 3, this right is reserved only for the individuals positioned to the left and right of the smoke source. it is very similar to calling 'shotgun' when entering a vehicle and wanting to reserve the passenger seat.
yo i got taps on that ish
by morelikepoop September 12, 2011
To see a girl you are attracted to and fuck her sexy ass brains out.
Charlie: Damn! Monica's lookin sexy. I would tap

Me. Yea and so is your mom. I'd tap that shit too.
by The Janator October 17, 2010
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