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1. To begin to harvest
2. Gently hit or touch
3. Proceed to sex, fuck
4. A type of spigot head
5. A type of water
1. Johnny tapped into the gold mine.
2. Johnny tapped the table.
3. Johnny tapped dat ass!!
4. Johnny used a tap on the keg.
5. Johnny drank tap water and tapped dat ass!!
an exclamation of something being lame; not cool
word comes from house league players tapping their stick on the ice when they are calling for the ring... tap!
-adjective - your Backstreet Boys shirt is so tap!
-verb - you just farted, and it stinks - could you tap any worse?
-noun - you missed the open goal shot? You are such a Tapper!
by THBIAOP March 29, 2004
tits, ass, pussy another way to say a girl is hot
guy #1 damn bro, check out that girl ,shes tap

guy #2 ya your right oh my god shes really fine.
by james john smks June 11, 2008
The best type of dancing in the world in which the dancer wears shoes that make little sounds every time they tougch the ground. Different types of movement allow for different types of sounds.
I performed in the tap jam last may...
by Barbie0822 July 25, 2005
Man having sex with a women
Boy would I like to tap that.

I would never tap that ugly bitch.

OH YEAH... I have tapped that keg many times.
by Anonymous July 18, 2002
a bigtime drugdealer....someone you buy large quantities of drugs from.

A drugdealer who sells drugs to other dealers.

A drugdealer with a never ending supply.
Tim - "Can u help me score half a key of brown?"
Tom - "No, I haven´t heard from my tap since he went to amsterdam.
by UrkTheMan December 17, 2007
the penis or vagina, so called because they both excrete urine, much like a tap gives out water
"I swear blind I could've seen his tap."
"There she was, legs akimbo, tap showing."
by R. Lluyd May 20, 2008
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