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To drink large quantities of alcoholic beverages, especially at frat house parties.
How to Tap the Keg and Master a Perfect Pour.

Let's tap the keg tonight and party.
by Timmington September 23, 2010
Drinking a large quantity of adult beverages and succumbing to the urge to urinate.
Once I tap the keg, I have to pee after every beer.
by Apocalyptimaniac September 24, 2005
to fuck a fat bitch. most often occurs after a night of heavy drinking when either the beer has impared your judgment or desperation to get your dick wet has set in.
that bitch is so fat she looks like a keg with legs, why don't you go tap the keg
by Weigel June 28, 2005
To urinate.
Man, all of that lemonade makes me want to tap the keg again.
by Steve September 11, 2003
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