She's beautiful inside out, she has the most amazing eyes, hair and cute rose red cheeks, she can be bitchy at times but she always has a reason, you'll be lucky to date a Tanya since she is a hopeless romantic, but if you upset her, she will switch to her bad side and be somewhat karma. Best to keep her before someone else catches her. She also has the most amazing smiles, you'll fall for her in 10 seconds, she had sexy dance moves too...
Guy 1 - Damn, your so f*cken lucky to date her, shes smokin !
Guy 2 - Yeah man, Who's she?
Guy 3 - She's Tanya, found her at a club, sexy dance moves boys, she's mine so back the f*ck off.

Guys 1 & 2 - Whoah, bro, im so looking for a Tanya...
by LoverAngel December 25, 2011
Tanya (of Russian origin meaning Princess) is a strong attractive virtuous woman that is destined for greatness. Ambitious, goal oriented, intelligent, loyal, caring, and trustworthy are just a few of her attributes. She is always ready to accept responsibility for her actions, improve her short-comings, and strive to be the best person she can be. She is one of kind.
She is such a cool person to be around; she must be a Tanya.
by JustLikeMe7 February 06, 2010
A absolutely gorgeous woman that I had in my chemistry class at the University. Very exotic, looked Italian or Croatian. With beautiful bedroom eyes and subtle smile.

Our Chemistry Professor, Mr. Picione, seemed to be very close to her and protective. Who wouldn't be? I think they were very close friends.

She lives in Milwaukee and I wish I would of told her how fixated I would become watching here. I think she had a Italian last name and I did not want Picione coming at me and questioning me.
Jim: Tanya just walked into the lecture. Paul: I wish she was one lecturing instead of the fat guy.
by Hadhotsforahottie July 24, 2012
Tanya is the most awesome person in the world, with her beautiful eyes, hair, face and body, also the most sexist person in the world. Tanya is the fun to be around with and is so funny. Tanya will never let you down and will do everything she can to help, she is also a person you can trust with everything.

I love you Tanya. JB+TR=4EVA!
Tanya is Bright, Smart, Beautiful, Sexy, loved by all, Awesome, Fun and everything else you can think of:)
by JB+TR=4EVA! February 07, 2013
variations: tanya'd; tanyafication;
tanya, derived from the Chabad approach to Hasidic mysticism, means an extraordinary experience and state of mind.

The word, originally found in the sacred Hasidic text Mavihs Alkuhs was induced into the modern vocabulary by a popular internet meme on Cambridge University's Indirapuram allusion. The word has gained immense popularity in India and Canada over the past few months.
Ben: So, how was the concert?
TS: It was great, man. I was totally tanya'd!

Shi: How are the yoga classes going?
Vam: Two hours of bliss and tanya! What more could one wish for?
by Shivshu December 08, 2013
A person who will always be with you, love you, laugh with you, and will always comfort you every minute.
Tanya is Bae, she improved my life with so much love.
by MJnotsleepingbeauty June 06, 2015
Tan, deriving from dark skin pigmentation. Next we have Ya which is a colloquial expression of excitement or happiness. Hence Tanya means brown people are cool.
did u see that kal penn show last nite? i knew he was so tanya!
by princessjasmine73 December 03, 2010

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