Often kind and shy but if a black tanya she is very feisty if she has a reason to be feisty she has best friends with the letters I ,e , c n , v or g she has a massive bum and lives to twerk with it she is tall skinny and good at netball . Often loughs for no particular reason and loves to have a great time . Love black tanya's ❤
Tanya will either become a model or somthing unexpected .she will marry a basketball player and live in the states
#bum #wide eyes #beautiful #funny #happy
by Bll June 17, 2013
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The most amazing person in the universe.
Bob: You know Tanya?
Henry: Ya
Bob: She's amazing.
#amazing #person #universe #fabulous #beautiful
by sugarbooger August 30, 2007
a one of a kind girl. always found having a great time. she is her own person. very passionate. great kisser. better friend. just an all around awesome human being.
Johnny- O my gosh, look at that gorgeous brunette.
Oliver- Which one?
Johnny- That tall one standing with those other girls, she is laughing and wearing those amazing shoes.
Oliver- Wow.
Johnny- Bet you a million dollars that her name is Tanya.
Oliver- No way, I'm not gonna take that bet. Her name couldn't be anything else.
#hot girl #smart #funny #talented #amazing #beautiful #friend #drunk #hangover #food
by T=ThiZZ3L August 30, 2008
An amazing woman with striking features and beautiful hair. Shes the kind of girl your buddies like, but also the type of girl you want to show off. She has an amazing appetite, but has a hot body. She is always adventerous in bed, and she is the type of girl that once you meet her, you can't get her off your mind. Sexy! She is a great friend to everyone, and never judges. Intelligence and sarchastic humor are her strong points.
He is so lucky to have such a Tanya.
#amazing #hot #sarchastic #adventerous #sexy
by Fireman3555 February 04, 2010
Someone with very sexy hair and cute cheeks.who can make friends easily
Tanya Maria Lobo....Thaaaaniyaaa
#tani #taneo #thaaniyaaaa #tutu #b bu
by Actress November 05, 2006
shes a freak, a total tomboy with a kickass personality. brown hair brown eyes with a deep mysterious soul. can out do all the boys and has tons of friends. she doesnt say much but what is said can knock you off your feet. great sense of hunor and usually cant be takin seriously. she is a lost traveler with great ambitions to succeed in what ever she does. she makes a great friend but it is very hard getting close to her.
that tanya is somethin else.
#crazy #funny #punk #exotic #sassy
by pussytaint December 25, 2008
A girl with an incredibly voracious appetite, yet she somehow maintains a nice figure.
Just got an e-mail from Tanya. Must be lunch time.
#girl #hungry #lunch #appetite #metabolism
by B.F.F. September 01, 2006
She is the most amazing person in the entire world. Id do anything fer her. and although she may argue and disagree with it, she is beyond beautiful. nobody compares to her. id give the world to be with her. =D
Guy 1: Hey did yu see Tanya over there?
Guy 2: *sighs dreamily* yea.... boy oh boy what i would do...
#beautiful #sexy #pretty #gorgeous #perfect
by kangaroojackusmc03xx February 22, 2011
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