a one of a kind girl. always found having a great time. she is her own person. very passionate. great kisser. better friend. just an all around awesome human being.
Johnny- O my gosh, look at that gorgeous brunette.
Oliver- Which one?
Johnny- That tall one standing with those other girls, she is laughing and wearing those amazing shoes.
Oliver- Wow.
Johnny- Bet you a million dollars that her name is Tanya.
Oliver- No way, I'm not gonna take that bet. Her name couldn't be anything else.
by T=ThiZZ3L August 30, 2008
Often kind and shy but if a black tanya she is very feisty if she has a reason to be feisty she has best friends with the letters I ,e , c n , v or g she has a massive bum and lives to twerk with it she is tall skinny and good at netball . Often loughs for no particular reason and loves to have a great time . Love black tanya's ❤
Tanya will either become a model or somthing unexpected .she will marry a basketball player and live in the states
by Bll June 17, 2013
is a squirrel
who is human by day
squirrel by evening/night
most common on the weekends
Andy: crikey! i see a tanya up in a tree?
Brandon: where? where? bloody hell it's huge
Andy: you better stay away, those types of squirrels are vicious!
by ynattirB April 18, 2008
swollen, bloating, floating dead pig in the canal.
'daddy, is that a dead dog in the canal?'

'no dear, it's a tanya, look away child.'
by respekt March 31, 2012
a female prostitute; whore; or one who at least displays herself that way in public
1-yooo, tanya sucked my dick yesterday.
2-it's easy to find a tanya around here.
by thataznchick September 24, 2011
a creature that lives under the 105 freeway.
hey lets go visit the tanya?
by annapeepee February 07, 2010
A Girl that loves herself and gets jealous over hayley. She loves to eat and run into things such as glass windows and walls. She is mostly dopey, and not very smart either. She finds it very difficult to spell most common words although is a loving friend but a BITCH!!
She eats her family of kebab's nearly every day. She loves most boys beginning with the letter 'A'. She loves cats although they hate most Tanya's. All together she is someone you would want to fight.
by Babgin August 24, 2009
A female name. Also a definition for a young female, underage, who goes to numerous rock concerts on the east coast of USA. She is often homeschooled and her prime interest in going to these concerts is to get in the bands pants. Typically gets band members kicked out.
person 1 - "I saw Wednesday 13 last night in concert!"
person 2 - "Really? How kick ass was that? Was Eric Griffin there?"
person 1 - "No, he got kicked out for making out with some tanya last summer. There was a tanya there too last night."
person 2 - "Oh, was she hot?"
person 1 - "If you find fifteen year old girls who try to look like their twenty hot."
person 2 - "Oh."
by shat0987654321 May 29, 2008

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