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The coolest, most badass, dude ever. A person who is more than a pimp... maybe a mega pimp.
He is called "Tanveer" by all his hoes. He is an entity that lives within all of us. In short we are all Tanveer's hoes.
Your Mother : "huhmmhuhmhnm!"

Tanveer : "Don't talk with my penis in your mouth."

by t to the tizz man March 25, 2009
A girl who is gorgeous, cute, funny and definitely someone you would like to date. She may seem weird but she is worth your time. She would make the most awesome girlfriend ever and you would want to make her your wife. From her beautiful eyes to her gorgeous long legs. Tanveer is amazing.
''Woah look at tanveer!''
by nxodp July 07, 2012
som1 who is in love with komal singh and will forever be with her no matter wat happens ...
YOOOO thats that dude tanveer who's his hot ass gf?!
by tanukom March 27, 2008
caitlin caitlin caitlin........muhahahahahahaha
caitlin loves tanveer
by da wise one May 31, 2003
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