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A massive shit or diarrhea that causes you to miss Physics class.
When she came into Physics class 20 minutes late, we already knew what was up; she had taken the biggest tanni of her life.
by RidgeFizzlePizzle October 24, 2010
27 20
A Felame name.
the best person in the world
i know a girl named tannis
she is, Amazing
by crazycatz October 24, 2004
63 29
a female name.
A lost city in Egypt.
I found Tannis.
Tannis is the cooleest person.
by Tannis November 22, 2003
41 11
Fictional mysterious root used in the Movie Rosemary's Baby by the Devil Worshiping neighbors.
Put some more Tannis Root in the fire.
by TannisM October 30, 2006
38 17
A very athletic, attractive girl. Can be funny. Loves to be where the fun is. Nice, and generous. A very complex individual.
Lets go out today, why dont we invite Tanni!
by john1234567890 May 02, 2011
13 5
Place indian jones found the lost ark and beat those pesky nazis
Oh my god! the nazis have discovered tannis!
by Heinrich muller September 03, 2003
14 14
A gender neutral name. Also a city in Egypt.
Hey Tannis, have you ever been to Tannis?
by hawaiianhottie May 19, 2008
11 12