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Best track on the Black and White album.
"Yes, I can...."
by Dick Splash August 17, 2003
1 12
the definition of tank is jon. he poons noobs. GXC BITCH
jon is a tank and he poons noobs
by dan and kevin October 20, 2006
4 16
A big ole jiggle booty
That girl has a tank!
by Angie s May 10, 2005
1 13
A heavily built/large person or thing
"Whoa that chicks a fucking TANK!"
"Dude that things a tank!"
by Sami November 28, 2004
9 21
an excreation of gas spewing from one's ass fermenting a cheezy odor that lasts for days to come.
Last night, deez tanked in my face, I then proceeded to vomit on his tities.
by tim suplezio April 12, 2004
2 14
Sounds like the way some Irish people say 'thanks'
My Grandmother
by Lou January 27, 2004
10 22
the vehicle tank girl drives
tank girl:get in my tank,jet
by cathie August 25, 2003
2 14