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A down right beast at pretty much everything. Good looking, athletic, smart, sensitive, charming, friendly. Also known as Tank..
Dude, Tankersley is such a beast. Man, Tankersley is a legit person. Tankersley will look out for you
by Leholeho January 19, 2013
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A large and/or glorious poop or poop session.
Dude, Carol left the nastiest tankersley in my bathroom the other day, fucking rocked.
by dtm5095 June 15, 2010
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The act of vomiting onto a couch, often subsequently landing in one's own lap or shirt.
Man, we were just hanging out drinking beer on the couch, and he pulled a tankersley! There was vomit everywhere. I'm still trying to clean that shit up.
by jfkiannnnn May 11, 2017
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