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Mysteriously open, playfully intelligent, unique creation, always giving of herself and her resources, quick to laugh even quicker to cry for you and with you, friend to all, loyal and brave, yet quick to run and scream when startled, sees the good in all, wants to right injustices.
Tanina has never met a stranger
by joyfullypurple February 02, 2010
is a name for humble and compassionate human being that is inspired by the great beauty in nature and life itself.
playful by nature, taninas are very creative and have their own personal style, are not dictated to by fads or fashions and have unlimited minds capable of independant thought
by tallulah mary February 03, 2010
A smart, funny, beautiful girl who has a natural talent for sports. Particularly softball. She has lots of great friends and is very kind and caring. She is loved by many people.

Side note: She should marry Alex. Just sayin...
Dude, did you see Tanina last night?
Yeah! She pitched great!
by Raskell September 06, 2010
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