A cesspool of bad drivers, seedy strip clubs, metal bands, old farts, ghetto wanna-be rich kids, and a college that breeds criminal activity. In the last 5 years, voted the second worst city for drivers, in the top ten in pedestrian injuries/deaths, 2nd in worst allergy related illness, 3rd most depressing city, 6th worst city for sports, 9th worst city of overall credit score boasting a 675, and the 7th most dangerous city in the united states. If you are coming from up north to move down here, turn around. We're already full.
To get away from Tampa, I would shoot myself in the face.
by Myke Vilches July 12, 2005
City of low-rent strippers, litterers, rattle cars, scam artists, and punk ass wannabe gangsters ... basically a third world sewer. Top ten hardest place to find a job. Turn around and go back to Atlanta - unless you like being car jacked and girls that dress like hookers.
"Hey man I just drove through a town with the rudest little punks and the fattest assed girls I've ever seen".

"Tampa, right"?
by Trampa dog July 04, 2009
A city in central Florida (the natives in tampa will try to convince you they are part of south florida but just ignore them they are the same people who have never been to south beach) where the guys are EXTREMELY thirsty due to a lack of hot girls, the only hot girls in Tampa are from Miami and the rest are ratchet af or redneck af, it is common to see Tampa men drooling over females visiting from south beach and trampa women hissing and snorting at them out of blinding jealousy
Man, Tampa has no hot girls! There are only five Miami level girls in the entire city and they're out of Tampa's league!
by whatareyougoingtodo February 16, 2013
The most gangs in usa.92 percent of the inner city are drug dealers,gangs,and crimals.but the hardest town in the world.friday nights on main street at the zanzi bar makes up 60 percent of the fun.they like to fight,shoot,and rob,so be safe and watch your back.
go tampa!!!
west tampa the hardest part of tampa, 4way, msp, cnb, gittblock, deadend, uptop, killacounty, oakv, hpg those are the west tampa gangs.

jackson heights
central park
robles park
highland pines
grant park(yg)
palm river(58)
dirty game(15th)
suga creek
and more...
by jfdsiufb January 02, 2007
A Florida city surrounded by areas that suck. A shining beacon in the middle of backswamp hick counties full of oxygen thieves. A traffic nightmare like no other - correction, like everything else in this state. One of the few non-tourist-traps that our state has to offer to entertain residents. Also one of the most dangerous places in the US, and home to some of the least successful sports franchises in existance.
Polk County sucks, let's go to Tampa.
by Rafn May 07, 2005
A wannabe Atlanta. Ghetto in culture. People in tampa are known as "Tampons"
Hello, my name is william, im from tampa, so im a tampon
by Florida hater April 29, 2008
somtimes used short for a tampon.
hey sis you gotta tampa?
by lil staubs May 22, 2005

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