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Really sexy, handsome, and cool. Someone who always gets the hottest girl in town.
"David trys so hard to be a Tamim, but girls always reject him"
"Tommy is just like a Tamim"
by Habib August 18, 2003
A Tamim is someone very smart, and likes to cook. He is also the sun of the suns in the universe. Thats why he is the best in the whole wide world, and beyond. He lives in Herat(an old greek city)
Wow he is so smart and is the best in everything, he is TAMIM!!
by The Real Herati October 16, 2010
1. A person of Middle Eastern decent.
2. A native or inhabitant of Arabia.
3. The hapless relative of a terrorist
1. Dude, that guy that works at the 7-11 is such a Tamim.

2. We got this Tamim from the exchange student program. He doesn't speak English.

Guy 1: Oh man, is that kid down the street a terrorist?
Guy 2: No, dude, he's innocent. He's a Tamim.
by Benzino May 06, 2004
An English crumpet lightly sugared used as an appeasement sacrifice to the gods of the Grampian mountains, while seeking permission to pass.
"Darling, I simply must object. Any attempts to speak the gods will be met with destructive lightening, unless of course, you've brought the Tamim!"
by Ethel Redfish September 04, 2003
A penis so little, girls think it's "cute" in a strange, unknown way. Like how a girl thinks how small dogs are cute.
"Wow, my boyfriend has a Tamim!"

"I can't see your Tamim."
by Sage August 20, 2003
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