This word was traditionally brought into use in foxhunting, it was used when one person from the hunt saw a fox, and he would shout this word to indicate to the others in the hunt that a fox had been spotted. It then came into use in World War II when pilots of the Royal Air Force saw enemy aircraft.
Air Traffic Control: Bandits, to the south east, around 5 mile range.
Pilot: Tallyho old chap!
by Nicky148 September 04, 2008
A word borrowed from the English expression that is used when spotting a fox during hunting. This word is more commonly known for its usage when spotting a new female employee in the work-place that may be considered by the majority of the male workers to be of romantic interest.
A new female employee is observed pouring herself coffee while Mike and Jared are inconspicuously engaged in conversation in the hallway.

Mike: "Tally-ho!"

Jared: "diddo"
by Charles23 September 15, 2009
Tally-ho is a greeting commonly used by members of the working class in Great Britain. It is a relatively new word and its use is becoming more and more widespread each year. The internet age has aided this substantial growth, as tally-ho now commonly replaces more formal, older, outdated greetings such as sup alrite and hi

Alternatively, Tally-ho can be used as an exclamation, in situations where the speaker is in great surprise. It is commonly found in the equestrian world, where tally-ho is a variant form of 'lets-go' or 'allons-y'
Adam comes into a chatroom

"Adam: Tally-ho"
"Ben: Tally-ho, Adam"
"Charles: Greeting Adam"
"David: yes, a good day to you Adam"


Adam is being ridden by Becky, fiercely and vigorously, and Becky has taken Adam by surprise.

"Adam: Tally-ho!!"
by dark_rider February 21, 2010
A term developed by pimps in the late 60's. It was used as a way of saying "goodbye i need to go count my whores now". Back then it was easy to lose count because of lack of technology. They now use a device known as the "bitch meter". This is often mistaken for tally whore.
Tally ho! Ok see ya later.
by billybobhomo May 15, 2008
verb. origin, circa 1970's, How a pimp 'asks' for his money. Usually done with one hand out palm facing up and the other hand up with palm facing back toward him in a threatening manner.
The Caddi is low on gas so LeRoy 'walks' up to 'Flexible' and says... "Tally-Ho" ! see also tallywhacker.
by bigbootyluvva March 06, 2009
the phrase shouted by someone on a pulling competition to the person keeping the ho tally, to tell them to tally up another ho.
"tally ho!"
"another one? you're on 6 now, one more will put you in first place"
by themunn May 07, 2007
the act of writing down all the girls you have slept with in order to get an approximate number.
I think Kristen was number 47..I guess it's time to Tally-ho.
by Spidersix66 October 03, 2008

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