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A city in Alabama that is falling by the wayside. Nothing to do, and the old people here don't want anyone to bring anything here. Everyone is asleep by 9 pm- when the smallest Wal-Mart in the world closes. A blip on the map. A bunch of KKK and rednecks.
Tallassee is the worst city in the world.
by rockin'chick March 23, 2011
4 3
the smallest town in the world... it's where everybody knows your name and your business
Hey... didn't you go to Tallassee.... I have heard a lot about you.
by what it is you August 28, 2008
12 2
City in central Alabama that everyone confuses with Tallahassee. It's NOT in Florida, people! Filled with lots of rednecks and old people.
Tallassee, AL
by Kat-woman August 17, 2008
10 3