A city in Alabama that is falling by the wayside. Nothing to do, and the old people here don't want anyone to bring anything here. Everyone is asleep by 9 pm- when the smallest Wal-Mart in the world closes. A blip on the map. A bunch of KKK and rednecks.
Tallassee is the worst city in the world.
by rockin'chick March 23, 2011
Top Definition
the smallest town in the world... it's where everybody knows your name and your business
Hey... didn't you go to Tallassee.... I have heard a lot about you.
by what it is you August 28, 2008
City in central Alabama that everyone confuses with Tallahassee. It's NOT in Florida, people! Filled with lots of rednecks and old people.
Tallassee, AL
by Kat-woman August 17, 2008
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