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A slick, undeniably sexy man who has a very strong mentality. And draws countless woman from the furtherest reaches of the universe. A true hero.
Karlie; omg I saw Tallas the other day he would blow my balls if I had any!
Aly: yea his stunning good looks and sexy ass made me longing for more
by Jdtm November 05, 2011
Noun. (n)
Derived from Nematalla

1. Self-Proclaimed Genius
"I am talla, therefore I know everything about everything."

2. Self-Proclaimed Sexiest Man Alive
"I am talla and I am FABULOUS."

Adverb. (ad)

1. To act as a successful man, but in reality be an idiot.
"You're such a talla, so please talking out of your 'behind.'"
by AIXPORT June 10, 2014
Talla is mostely used in wolverhampton (West midlands) it means time
yo this music video is tekkin talla man
by hunney September 23, 2006
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