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A sexual act wherein one partner attaches a small wheel of cheese on a stick to the end of a power drill (resembling a tinker toy, hence the name), then uses the spinning cheese to anally pleasure the other partner while performing oral sex. At completion of the act, the drill-wielding partner most often ejaculates onto the cheese and feeds it to the other partner.

Note: Sometimes used as a synonym of the Kentucky Klondike Bar, although this name is less descriptive of that act.
My girlfriend wanted to try something kinky, but we decided against the Tallahassee Tinker Toy because she's lactose intolerant and we didn't have a battery-powered drill.
by cesiophile August 28, 2014
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When (and this has not been proven to be done yet) a person freezes a piece of shit and then uses it as a dildo.
"Dude, did you hear his girlfriend got a Tallahassee Tinkertoy?"
"No, that's just fucked up."
by ihateleftovers September 19, 2009

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