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When 2 men are together are diarrhea in each others mouth. Then, they exchange diarrhea by having one man shove back up the opposite man's ass with his tongue and vice versa. Then that man who just got his ass re-loaded shoots the diarrhea back on the "lucky" man's face and vice versa.

Kinda like a diarrhea cumshot.
Ex 1:

Man 1: Did you ever hear about the Tallahasee Kendall Jackson?

Man 2: Also known as the diarrhea cumshot? Of course! A video of it was emailed it to me!

Man 1: And you watched it? Nasty!

Man 2: Well...Kinda. I saw my friends Kendall Jackson and Devon Hughes try it together, and then they emailed it to me!
by Nick Olsen June 14, 2008

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