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Getting high. Mainly snorting cocaine.
Steve and Dan got so tall the other night, i've never seen anyone snort so much.
by Dailys April 28, 2007
5 27
A lot of something.
Dude, I got TALL homework tonight.
by Noah May 23, 2003
636 145
What I would be if I were in Japan.
by anonymous July 29, 2003
940 704
5'11 1/2" or above
by anonymous October 31, 2003
168 138
Starbuck's term for "small" by default. While Short is supposed to be their "small" it's doesn't appear on the menu for hot drinks.
Customer: Wait...I ordered small, hot latte. It's supposed to be 8 oz. Why am I being charged for the "Tall" size?

Barista: Oh, you wanted a "Short". You didn't say "Short". Do you want a "Short" then, hmmmmm?

Customer: Well...uhhh...yeah...of course.

Barista: Well you should've just said so in the 1st place.

Customer(seething): You just lost your tip.
by Tenacious Faulker May 18, 2009
143 115
who all women go for even though the guy is possibly satan himself.
There more shallow women than there are shallow men.
by adrian February 07, 2005
323 304
1. Amazing; Skilled
2. Smart
1. That trick was so tall!
2. How did you do that math homework? You're so tall.
by SoTall April 18, 2011
34 16
1) A tall man.

2) A good man - characterized by his height or other physical stature and ability to be a leader and provider.

3) A proud man - "stands tall" - when need arises.
"That guy is totally talls...Hes a keeper!"

"When I got that surgery done and really needed help with the kids this guys was all talls."

by Peeper June 16, 2008
4 4