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One who is an exclusively vocal slut. May be a male or female, regardless the definition encompasses those who project sexuality despite their lack of a substantial sex life (or the presence of their virginity) and those who frequently pursue or entertain the interests of a potential paramour with no intention of committing or acting on an attraction that may or may not even exist.
"Dude, she's a total talk slut..."
"What do you mean?"
"She was talking to John before you and after she said what she did she's already trying ,or not trying I should say, to get with Joe. Just forget her, trust me."
"Damn, that's such a downer. Thanks for the tip Sarah, I mean, I know you're still her friend."
by Snapcrack May 31, 2014
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Someone in a public forum, namely TV or radio, that repeatedly sneaks in names of companies or products in order to get free advertising for the company. This especially happens when the person is a fan boy/girl or receives deep discounts for the products.
Rover: I just don't understand why any girl would get a breast reduction unless they had serious back problems...

Duji: And when they choose to get consultation they should call Dr. Goldschmidt at 1-800-793-23...

Chocolate Charlie: hits sound bed button "TALK SLUT!"
by Kissel Krooner March 24, 2017
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