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A web forum designed for funny people, by funny people. Lulz will be had, internet fights will be fought, pubes will be trimmed. Somtimes abbreviated as "TPK"
Hey, Clingsy-poo, let's have a warm cup of conversation over at Talk Park! Yay!
by ViperBite July 10, 2009
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An Internet forum mimicking the styles and memes of 4chan. The members have lots of beef with the ProBoards community, so much so that the ProBoards owner Patrick Clinger personally monitors their site for hours every day.

The forum is considered to be by its members the last bastion of hope for new Internet messaging boards, but everyone just deems it another forum with a cool skin.
I was on yesterday and people were arguing about what kind of detergent is best to get rid of semen stains on your children's clothing.

At Talk Park, we <3 epilepsy.
by Alex Yusupov July 08, 2009
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An Internet messaging board created to piss people off. Undoubtedly a wicked cool place. Occassionally has trolling raids at other retarded forums. The site is located at four different URLs but the main one is
Example of someone who would get trolled by TalkPark members.

See more: Talk Park
by Alex Yusupov July 10, 2009
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Talk Park is a place to chill. But obviously it's a place to have massive world wide internet orgies with Spek (He always puts the pipe down!). Non the less Talk Park is also a place to stay on Coolyduds ballsac. (Tbh I don't know who he is but you guys always talk about him) Though Talk Park isn't just all about internet orgies with Spek but you can also check out the board that is harder than Chinese math called the Master Debators board where you can talk serious discussions from like Homo's to Drugs. All that complex stuff. Also just for LOLz you can check out the LOL-aq board & talk about random shiznuts. So check out Talk Park cause it's crazier than a shit-house rat! or else you will get L4G. Now gtfomylawn PB!
l4g tpk spek alusion mass debators orgy talk park
by Alusion August 07, 2009
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